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About Us


Who are we?

We are a group of 3 high school girls: Ishani, Reyna and Divya. And We believe that we can reform the way that students learn using something that has been used for years, textbooks. 



Scintilla strives to create a better learning experience for ALL students. How do we do this you ask? And that is why we ave created Scintilla. 


Our Product

Our mission is to be the spark in education. VR Education combines textbooks and virtual reality. We take the lessons from textbooks and create them into an interactive, visual app. 

More about our product


We are using the cross-gaming platform, Unity to build our app. Our team will create a virtual reality app using this software. We plan to build an app where students can download on their phones for quick, easy access. 

Marketing our Product

Scintilla will partner up with school and textbook publishers to make this innovation a reality. We are going to sell our app to schools by demonstrating how useful our product can be. 

What can you do to help

If you have any opportunities to showcase our product please get in touch with us. We are also looking for more technical help with virtual reality. 

Scintilla at London

Check out our presentation at the LearnIt World Conference!

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